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Confederate Johnnie Cake recipe By Campbell Culver (Lawrence)

Confederate Johnnie Cake Recipe
Dear father, Its Lawrence your son. I have been working really hard on the sea. I really never get to talk to you and mom, but I found some free time. But I still have to work today so this can’t be that long. I know how you and mom LOVE the Johnnie Cake Recipe so I decided to make it for yall and send it to both of you. It didn’t take that long to long to make so I didn’t miss a lot of work. I want to see both of you because I miss you both SO much! My boss is now calling me so I will try and write you again later. Love Always, Lawrence
Here's the recipe if you want to make it....
-two cups of cornmeal -2/3 cup of milk Supplies -2 tablespoons vegetable oil -2 teaspoon baking soda -1/2 teaspoon of salt The Johnny cake is a cornmeal flatbread. Mix ingredients into a stiff batter and form eight biscuit-sized "dodgers". Bake on a lightly greased sheet at 350 degrees for twenty to twenty five minutes or until brown. Or, spoon the batter into hot c…

1862 Blog-Nate Shea

Dear Susan,

I am writing you to tell you that we swept the Yankees at Fort Royals and took about 800 men by surprise and made Washington fidgety. Due to confidentiality reasons I am obligated to not to tell you any  more than this. I will be on the move a lot in the upcoming future so I may not writing a ton but what ever happens during the next couple days just know that my mind is on you always. I hope this bloody war ends soon so I can come back to you.

Yours Truly,
        Fred Bloom Jr.

Blog set 4-Carolina Garcia

Civil War Era Recipe- Robert E. Lee Bundt Cake As dedication from my move from the North to the South and my loyalty to the South. I have decide to bake them my grandmother's recipe, that was actually created by slaves, but no need to worry. She loved helping people and as a nurse I feel close to this recipe of Bundt cakes, called Lily's Bundt Cakes. Except, I have changed the name to Robert E. Lee Bundt Cakes in dedication to my wonderful general that has become an iconic hero to the South. After a gruesome battle, that may have changed the South's plans and course for the Civil War, at Gettysburg, has been a great defeat to the Confederates. We've had many casualties In both the Union and us. It had seemed our strategy to invade and make peace didn't work out. Most of our soldiers that died were on infantry and some on picket duty. We were trying to attempt an emancipation to the Unions formations, but it just seemed to make it worse. The Bundt cake might bring G…

blog set 3- Carolina Garcia

The Neutralist Papers                            September 30, 1862           Volume II               BREAKING NEWS                Page 2The Traitor Of America
Our Civil War had become more serious and brutal in battle. As we just heard about the Antietam Battle and how it is known, so far in history, as the bloodiest day in American history. During the war we have seen families break apart because of different opinions and it creates a gap in families. Sometimes you don't know if you can trust some of your family members or who to trust anymore, during this awful war. For generals and regiments that was not their biggest issue during battle, but they may just regret that. The time during the Civil War, we have seen soldiers run out of battle, women dress up as soldiers, and spies underneath general's noses this whole time, and no one has noticed. For Loren Boyd or Nurse Boyd being a woman and a nurse for the Union helped her become a sly spy for the Confederates. The battle o…

Songs- Lorna Roschal

“I wish I was in Dixie” - This song was created in the blackface minstrel shows of the 1850s where it later became popular across the United States. During the Civil War this song was made the anthem of the Confederacy. Many people have recognized these lyrics with the philosophy of the Old South. People who approve of this song view it was a valid aspect of Southern culture

“Lorena” - When this song was played most men thought of their girlfriends or wives back home. This song has also said to cause soldiers to be homesick and lose their energy to fight. Due to this, this song was banned in places because of what it caused.

Lee Wins Pyrrhic Victory at Chancellorsville: Word Collage-Demi

Words Inside Word collage:
Robert, Lee, Pyrrhic win, Confederate Victory, Chancellorsville, May 1863, Confederate, Union, Rebels, Yankees, Joseph, Hooker, 4 Day Battle, Virginia, Lee's Greatest Victory, Stonewall, Jackson, Right-Hand Man Dies, Murder?, Accident?, Mystery, Shot by own men, Died from Pneumonia, Hard-earned, Lee is alone, Battle of Chancellorsville.

Famous Songs By Campbell Culver

All Quiet Along the Potomac A poem that was based on newspaper reports that was based on official telegrams sent to the Secretary of War by Major General McClellan that followed the First Battle of Bull Run. In 1863 the poem was set to music by John Hewitt, who was a poet, newspaperman, a musician that was serving in the Confederate Army.

Dixie's Land A song that references to “Old South”. The song is played by many different instruments. The sound is created when on instrument (usually the trumpet) plays the melody on it, other sounds then join in to improvise around that melody.

Maryland, My maryland Song is set to tune of “Lauriger Horatius”, better known as the tune of “O Tannenbaum”. The state's general assembly adopted “Maryland , My Maryland” as the state song in April of 1939. The song calls for Maryland to fight the Union and was used across the South during the Civil War as a battle hymn.

Letter to Mother with Food Recipe---Demi Petree

Dear Mother,
I'm sorry for how little I've written to you lately, but you know how limited my free time is. During the battle of Antietam, near Dunker Church, my regiment and I were marching as ordered from General Lee. My friend and I saw a child hiding over in one of the corn fields, so we left our post to go and see what was troubling her. She told me that she couldn't find her mother, so I asked her where the most likely place she could be. She said the farmhouse, but she didn't want to go alone. My friend and I walked with her to the farmhouse to find her mother worried sick about where she was. Her mother thanked us and offered to make us cookies for our trip back to camp. We kindly accepted considering the food we usually eat at camp is atrocious. After the battle, we returned back to camp to share our findings with the other soldiers. The mother and daughter were able to conjure up this extraordinary meal filled with extravagant taste compared to our regular me…

Battle Report

Dear General Lee,

I am writing you to report on the battle of Manassas, general Jackson's plan worked exceptionally well despite all doubt. The men have taken a liking to him, and even gave him a nickname, imagine that, they call him "Stonewall Jackson" . The battle was a success and we took 1982 casualties in opposition to the north who took 2896 so over all a a great victory. The cause of the victory, I am afraid, was their underestimation of our army. I believe this will not happen again and we should not count on it. The railroad is ours but for how long I wonder.

Your Servant,
      Sargent Fred Bloom Jr.

Old fashioned apple pie

Dear beloved Amelia,

I write to tell you how much I miss you. Over here we receive small rations of food and there are even sometimes when we don't receive food at all. The food we eat consists of coffee, canned foods, hardtack, salt pork, and more. Even though I am doing well and eating okay, I miss your delicious cooking. The thing I miss the most about your cooking is your mouthwatering old fashioned apple pie. The recipe to this astonishing masterpiece is: 5 green apples (peeled and sliced), 1 teaspoon nutmeg, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, and 1 cup molasses. Hopefully when I come back home, I will be able to taste your heavenly desert once again.                Your dearest, James Brooks

Letter to my wife

Dearest Amelia,
I write to tell you that I am doing fine and keeping well, I hope you are the same. I was so delighted when I got your letter the other day and I promise to cherish it. I know that it may be difficult for us to communicate like this, but we can make it through it. We just finished our first battle and we took home the victory. We ordered a counterattack in which reinforcements began to arrive in horseback and train which made the North fall apart. I didn't anticipate the battle to be this long, so I don't know when I will be able to write again. It is also very dangerous and i'm not sure that I will make it back. I deeply wish you were here with me, but it's no good wishing. No matter what happens to me, I want you to know that you have all of my heart. Tell my father I said hello. It is getting late now and I have to go. I love you.                                                                                                                   Sincerel…

Enlistment Blog

Dearest Susan,

Everyday I am away from you I become more and more longing for your sugar sweet voice and your soft embrace, and though I think of you every moment of the day I fear I cannot last much longer. This bloody war the north have started will, I fear, will be the death of the south and the safety of the black man. This war has thought me more than a school could ever teach a man. I was thinking of our little boy and I was wondering how his schooling was going and if he would like a rifle and the proper equipment, this would be hard to come by but if he found pleasure in these items I would be more than delighted to oblige.

       Fred Bloom Jr.

Letter Home

Dear father,

    Its your son Lawerence Simmonds, once agin i got in trouble with the authorite fore stealing supplys from other peopole working at sea. My capton is making me work with blacks. i met a womun a few weeks ago. Her name is Abagale she is 19 and she got brown. We have been working hard out heer. i known you worrie about me alot but i be doin very wel, how are you and mother doin? how has work been for you?


Check Up with Family

Dear Father,
    I miss you and mother dearly. I'm pushing through the troubles over here in the army. Everyday I pray for y'all. Especially my brother, so please show him my love. How is he doing with his recovery from losing his leg? I'm making sure the Yankees pay for what they did to him and for what they’ve caused our family. They’ve made us poor and bitter to one another and it’s about time they owe up for the pain they’ve caused the Confederate States of America. How is the dirt doing this time of year? Fred better be helping out with y'all on the farm considering I payed for him. He should be pleased to get the opportunity to help out anyways. Please take care of one another while my other brothers and I fight for our freedom and our rights. I love y'all and I'll try to check In again as soon as possible.
Sincerely, your son,
Andy Hatfield