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The Neutralist Papers

                           September 30, 1862

          Volume II               BREAKING NEWS                Page 2

              The Traitor Of America

Our Civil War had become more serious and brutal in battle. As we just heard about the Antietam
Battle and how it is known, so far in history, as the bloodiest day in American history. During the war we have seen families break apart because of different opinions and it creates a gap in families. Sometimes you don't know if you can trust some of your family members or who to trust anymore, during this awful war. For generals and regiments that was not their biggest issue during battle, but they may just regret that. The time during the Civil War, we have seen soldiers run out of battle, women dress up as soldiers, and spies underneath general's noses this whole time, and no one has noticed. For Loren Boyd or Nurse Boyd being a woman and a nurse for the Union helped her become a sly spy for the Confederates.
The battle of Antietam was one hectic ride of blood and destruction. It was a draw, but the North took it as a win. We have named Sunken Lane to bloody lane because of the battle. Although it was a win for the North, they also had a loss because they didn't capture their spy. The South has used miss Boyd to their advantage and it worked. She finally is now in the South and safe with no worries. We had a word with Loren Boyd and she said, “I don't regret anything. I love the South and I would do anything to gain them in advantage in the war. I grew up down there and my heart is in the South. We need to protect the Southern way of life.” Miss Boyd said she would spy in every life she lives.
Loren Boyd was a Confederate pretending to be a yankee nurse. She would give the South strategies, plans, and tactics the North was working on. She was very passionate about keeping the “southern way of life”, which included slavery, and thought the seceding states were doing right. Loren Boyd grew up in the South and only the South and she wanted to help her side so she decided to become a spy. Loren Boyd kept to herself and looked like a Unionist nurse.
The North all thought they could catch Loren Boyd as a spy, but they didn't know that she was already under the protection of the South. They would've gotten a trial and gained more advantage in the war, but the South and Boyd had everything planned. No one suspected that Nurse Boyd could've been leaving the Union soldiers to die instead of helping them.
Written: John Doe

We are the neutralist
We pick no side
And we don't fight for any right
We are the neutralist


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