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Civil War Era Recipe- Robert E. Lee Bundt Cake
As dedication from my move from the North to the South and my loyalty to the South. I have decide to bake them my grandmother's recipe, that was actually created by slaves, but no need to worry.
She loved helping people and as a nurse I feel close to this recipe of Bundt cakes, called Lily's Bundt Cakes. Except, I have changed the name to Robert E. Lee Bundt Cakes in dedication to my wonderful general that has become an iconic hero to the South. After a gruesome battle, that may have changed the South's plans and course for the Civil War, at Gettysburg, has been a great defeat to the Confederates. We've had many casualties
In both the Union and us. It had seemed our strategy to invade and make peace didn't work out.
Most of our soldiers that died were on infantry and some on picket duty. We were trying to attempt an emancipation to the Unions formations, but it just seemed to make it worse. The Bundt cake might bring General Lee some peace and quiet while he thinks about his decision during Pickett’s Charge and that the South is now divided in two. While his plan to try and soften the Union up, my plan to make him a Bundt cake might soften his feelings up at the moment. Hopefully he'll feel close to home like I always do with this cake. This are the ingredients you need:
  • 3 apples, freshly plucked
  • White sugar
  • Grounded cinnamon
  • Flour
  • White bake powder ( baking powder )
  • More white sugar, to sweeten up Lee’s feelings
  • Eggs
  • Oil
  • Vanilla, preferably extracted
  • Fresh orange juice   

  1. Start heating up your Crimean oven and butter your metal pan. Combine apples, sugar, and cinnamon together.
  2. Together sift the powder and flour. Then mix eggs and sugar. Stir in oil, vanilla, and orange juice. Pour all mixtures together and stir.
  3. Put it in the oven with pan and wait til it is hard and smooth.


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