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Songs- Lorna Roschal

“I wish I was in Dixie” - This song was created in the blackface minstrel shows of the 1850s where it later became popular across the United States. During the Civil War this song was made the anthem of the Confederacy. Many people have recognized these lyrics with the philosophy of the Old South. People who approve of this song view it was a valid aspect of Southern culture

“Lorena” - When this song was played most men thought of their girlfriends or wives back home. This song has also said to cause soldiers to be homesick and lose their energy to fight. Due to this, this song was banned in places because of what it caused.


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Adoption day

Dear Susan, As you know today is my adoption day, but we are on the run from the dreadful yanks. My wonderful general has baked me and my regiments a cake to congratulate me. I broke down in tears at the thoughtfulness he shows even in such a dire time as this one. Our general has some humor and that is what we love about him, he wrote HAIL DIXIE on the cake. I hope y’all are really safe and that the yanks have not marched on our home. As we exit this dreadful time I really hope to see you again and until that time I will keep praying for your safety. With love Sergeant Fred Bloom Jr.

Enlistment Blog

Dearest Susan,

Everyday I am away from you I become more and more longing for your sugar sweet voice and your soft embrace, and though I think of you every moment of the day I fear I cannot last much longer. This bloody war the north have started will, I fear, will be the death of the south and the safety of the black man. This war has thought me more than a school could ever teach a man. I was thinking of our little boy and I was wondering how his schooling was going and if he would like a rifle and the proper equipment, this would be hard to come by but if he found pleasure in these items I would be more than delighted to oblige.

       Fred Bloom Jr.